Daffodils winters promise of spring

As I made breakfast this chilly morning, I noticed that out the window some yellow daffodils were unaffected by the early spring snow.

This thought led to how notable it was that slumbering bulbs unprompted renew themselves. And I remembered how egg shells soaked in warm water release excellent nutrients for use in watering winter-weary houseplants.

Which made me think about my poor snake plants, languishing in the drafty kitchen window. How limp they look as I recalled how I managed to keep the snake plant alive that my mother had kept alive for years that was part of the floral arrangements and plants sent to the house after my Dad’s death.

And then I remembered the food. All that delicious assorted food brought to the house at the time of his premature demise. So much so that we had to store many cakes and cookies in neighbors’s freezers. Perhaps it was the smell of vanilla opened on the counter.

I wondered if there were special foods that held any significant meanings during times of death. And when I logged in a while later, news of an upcoming lecture about food popped onto the screen . And when I scanned the blog of the featured speaker, one post, in particular, caught my eye.

The post was about wedding cakes and maybe it grabbed my attention because my dad died way before I became a bride. Maybe the yellow daffodils outside reminded me that snake plants aren’t meant to live forever and that sometimes you just have to have faith that somewhere buried underneath the earth, unseen, unheard life forces still stir.

And it’s often surprising still to know what renewal may reappear when you least expect it. And where your thoughts wander as you cook the less than epicurean umpteenth egg, scrambled this day with a bit of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon, as I ponder thoughts so small and wonder why I, nor no one, knows if the egg came first…

This…the writer…before coffee… thinking…writing…sharing some of the 60,000 thoughts that will emerge this day mostly half baked and rarely full bloomed…

enjoy wherever your day leads you… Taylor

This is the link to Sarah Lohman’s blog, Four Pounds Flour, in case the hyperlink isn’t working. Enjoy your day.


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